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New Items!

Baby Elanya

A new Baby Birth Announcement!

Yes, I have a new baby pattern that I have just finished designing! It is called "Baby Elyana" and features a cute little baby elephant. The design is flexible so that you can have pink for a girl or blue for a boy.

I will be posting photos as I stitch the join me and following along with the progress.

Pattern #359 - September Block of the Monthh

The "Block of the Month" for September is a cross stitch pattern memorial to the national disaster of 9-11. This cross stitch pattern shows the two trade center towers in the center of the outline of the Pentagon. I was supposed to be in the wing of the Pentagon at the time the plane flew in, but fate determine that I needed to be somewhere else at the time. This is my tribute to my friends and colleagues, as well as all those who fell during this tragedy.

There will never be another Block of the Month for September.

Stitched area: 58 W x 86 H


Price: $4.00